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High-Quality Components, World Class Customer Support, Proven Technology

In addition to being the world's leader in damper manufacturing and air movement technology, Field Controls offers proven, high-quality draft inducers and premix blowers, making us a trusted choice of our OEM customers in the HVAC, Water Heater, and Boiler industries.

Field Controls supplies many global OEMs with the devices they need to move air. Whether driving productivity with 1:1 replacement or developing new products with fresh engineering, Field Controls delivers high-quality products with world-class customer support using proven technology.

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  • Low Cost, High Efficiency
  • Low to High Volume Production
  • Shaded Pole (SP)
  • Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC)
  • Electronically Commutated (ECM)

Draft Inducers

  • Low: Noise, Cost, and Maintenance
  • 1:1 OEM Replacements
  • Formed Steel, Thermoplastic, Cast
  • Standard or Custom Models Available
  • Maintenance-Free Ball Bearing System

Premix Blowers

  • Efficient, Compact, and Quiet
  • Die Cast Aluminum
  • PSC or ECM for Full Speed Modulation
  • Designed for 1:1 Replacement or NPI
  • 24VDC, 115VAC, 230VAC, and 460VAC

Why Field Controls?

Field Controls is focused on the movement of air and air treatment inside the home. Since 1927, we have been an HVAC leader in combustion and venting of residential heating appliances. We are the world's leading supplier of draft controls, draft regulators, and vent dampers that ensure safety and optimize the efficiency of heating appliances. We are also an innovator in comprehensive fresh air ventilation and indoor air quality

  • US-Based Engineering Support, Design Service, Testing, and Development
  • Domestic and Global Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain Management and Warehousing, Vendor Managed Inventory
  • World Class Customer Service and Quality Control
  • Diversified Supply Chain and Competitive Pricing

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